January 30 2019 What does Mental Health mean to you? I understand it differs through ones personal experience, what we were taught, or witnessed. For the longest time I’ve been a workaholic.. working more than 1 job, volunteering in between, and taking care of my loved ones, attending classes (I know, “that’s life” as what some people would say). I wanted to have a good name for my company, I felt the need to be present when my loved ones expressed their need for help, I would fill my partners happy cup and place mine on the shelf, whenever I was presented responsibilities I’d commit all the way leaving little space for myself and as mild as what I’m illustrating sounds it became detrimental to my health. To put others ahead of ourselves is (still) considered a “holy grail” quality but this level of selflessness can sometimes cause more damage than we know - it can even potentially cause resentment  or internal discomfort within ourselves. It is important we demonstrate love and care but not to the extent where we’re neglecting our own needs. Take care and value yourself! The way we nurture our mental health speaks volumes and sets the tone for every other area in our daily life! 

February 7 2019 It’s highly emphasized that taking care of your health is about choosing the right foods and exercising but please remember being healthy is also about being mindful on the people you choose to spend time with (do they uplift you or drain you?), it’s being able to indicate what situations deserve your reaction and energy, it’s knowing when to take a break, it’s listening to when your body is telling you to slow down, it’s about self reflection and the kind of conversations we have with ourselves,  it’s about taking time to follow your art and work on your craft.

Negative people will fuck up your health more than any bad diet and exchange of energy is one of the biggest transactions we can ever make. 

February 9 2019 I think creating is so important because you learn so much about yourself. You learn your taste, you learn your qualities, your mistakes, you discover your imagination and you practice your freedom. Creating is beautiful because you can share who you are by what you made and how you put yourself into it. -

Spent this Friday evening painting and connecting with a wonderful young lady- The Healing Project gives you a space to be your authentic self.