The Healing Project is a coaching and counselling program that focuses on recovering from emotionally abusive relationships, codepency, trauma bonding, recovery from narcissistic abuse, personal development, rebuilding your life after heartache, personal growth and much more.

It is a space aimed to be therapeutic and dedicated to your healing process. The Healing project is a non-judgemental space and empathy is highly demonstrated. It is a time to explore past wounds, setbacks, delays and heartache. I believe being in touch with our vulnerability is a strength and once we begin to nourish that aspect a new form of balance and growth is born.



Mission: To provide a space to be vulnerable and nourish your wounds and to help you connect with the truest version of yourself


Being in touch with your vulnerability is a sign of strength

The Healing Project is a non-judgemental space to be in touch with your flaws, it’s a space to embrace your imperfections and remind you that you are human

To take accountability for your actions and feelings, to help you understand them as it is the gateway to help you open new doors for mental clarity and balance

Your trauma and personal experiences is valid and will not feel minimized

Asking questions and seeking to understand

Self-care is a gift we can only give to ourselves. I will help you develop ways for healthy coping styles.

"Healing is not always gentle but when we come to peace with our wounds or begin to understand them it can be beautiful"