What is my availability and where am I located?
I am available throughout the week at 1460 Chevrier Blvd. I’m also accepting skype appointments throughout the week!

I have never seeked this form of help before will things remain confidential?
Absolutely. I get everyone I speak with to sign a privacy agreement. Also, I completely understand it can be a bit nerve wracking to do Counseling or Life Coaching for the first time which is why I offer a 10 minute consultation on the phone to see if we have a good connection or to give you an idea what to expect

What makes your program different?
I respect everyone implements a different approach in their line of work so I can tell you what The Healing Project offers instead of what makes me different. The Healing Project implements a Mindfulness based approach and provides creative or journal exercises depending on individuals preference in hopes to make your experience a little easier. If being in an office setting a bit intimidating? I also provide Skype sessions or if you want to keep the setting casual (such as grab a cup of coffee etc.) that’s possible as well. It all depends on your personal preference.

What inspired you to do you work?
I always had a passion for helping people and I knew this was my calling even at a young age. A lot of my inspiration comes from shows such as Iyanla Vanzant - Fix My Life, Jada Pinket Smith - Red Table Talk, and Oprah Winfrey.


“The counselor was very understanding, open and honest in her approach. She was direct and encouraged me to reflect on many things. She allowed me to see certain family situations in a different light and offered support on how to cope with family situations in a different light and offered support on how to cope with identity challenges/family pressures and career uncertainty. Her approach was warm, friendly, and comforting”.

“Vanessa is very professional . I was referred to her from a close friend, and upon meeting, I had a 10 minute over the phone consultation with her to see if there’s a connection between us. Right away, I felt as if I could talk to her like someone I’ve known for a long time. She makes me feel at ease and relatable by also offering her unbiased insights from her own personal experience as well. After our first session, I immediately knew I wanted to have future sessions with her. I would recommend anyone to see a life coach regardless of what place they are in their life right now - it’s refreshing to hear some outside insight and encouragement. Vanessa is very passionate about what she does and takes pride in ensuring her clients are taken care well. Thank you!”

“I recommend the healing project because Vanessa puts all her heart and passion into her craft. Not only is she warm and kind-hearted, she’s able to walk in others shoes hearing their stories. I feel most victims of domestic violence don’t always want to hear “I’m sorry that happened to you” or “i’m Sorry to hear that”, what brings them validation and true healing is hearing from a counselor saying “Me too.” She also takes your experiences seriously, and know that abuse of any kind is never ok. Vanessa is truly the embodiment of someone comforting other broken souls.”

“Vanessa from The Healing Project Counselors and Life Coaching has been amazing to myself. As a young business woman - I truly feel that it is very important to surround myself around with mentors to help guide me to the right direction. After a few sessions with Vanessa - she has not only made me feel comfortable with my decisions but has also gave me some clarity to some occurrences that had seem questionable at the time. She demonstrates great wisdom and is very knowledgable in her field. After working with her for 2 months - my relationship with her has gained my trust to refer my very own clients to go see her. With all the heart to heart conversations I have had with her. I can picture myself rise in my small business with her along with me. Thank you Vanessa! For everything!”

“Vanessa is really passionate about what she does. Speaking to her for the first time she delivered a warm presentation. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She is great and very helpful”

“I had an appointment with Vanessa the other day and we met at a local cafe in my area. She was very accommodating as I have a crazy work schedule, but we still managed to find some time to meet. As soon as we started talking the conversation flowed effortlessly. She shared some of her experiences with me and I realized I could relate to a lot of her experiences and I felt an instant connection. She is super sweet and has a lot of great life knowledge that I felt related to my life and it made me feel a lot less alone. At the end of our meeting I felt very positive and reassured on my life choices. Vanessa made me feel like I’m on the right path in my life, and has inspired me to continue on my healing journey confidently.”

“Vanessa, from The Healing Project, is an absolute delight and offers invaluable insight. Each time I speak with her, I walk away feeling lighter and better about my situation. She affirms me that I have the right tools and attitude to handle the highs and lows of my day-to-day life. I feel understood, validated and elevated.

She's a true professional who takes the utmost care to offer you relevant information and insight to your situation. She is a great source of positive energy; you won't regret speaking with her!”

Vanessa was amazing. We met in a café setting and it seemed like we were simply friends chatting.
I could connect with her and we shared many of the same experiences which was truly enlightening.
She is very easy to talk to and knows when to listen and when to suggest information.
Thank you so much Vanessa. I would really recommend The Healing Project!

“I never thought to go to counseling until one day deciding that I should give it a shot. That moment was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life. The Healing Project helped me better understand how my childhood traumas affect me even to this day. I learned to understand why I am the way I am and why I’m drawn to the things I’m drawn to. My sessions really helped me identify my positive traits as well as traits I needed to work on in myself. It really helped shape my life as a person for the better. I was able to talk to someone who I connected with and understood what I was feeling and that was extremely important to me going in. I’m happy I made the decision to go to The Healing Project. I 10/10 recommend it.”